Bosco detects threats to your child by analyzing messages they send or receive

What is Offensive Text Detection? 


Bosco’s text analysis is a powerful tool that notifies parents when their children send or receive offensive or abusive messages. Now, parents will know if their children use language that may indicate depression, cyberbullying, drug or alcohol use, pedophelia, eating disorders, or other threats.


How does Bosco's Offensive Text Detection work? 


Bosco is trained to identify messages that may indicate a potential threat to children. The app then notifies parents in real-time, giving them the information they need to keep their children safe.


Bosco goes beyond just identifying offensive words. Our AI is trained to understand the meaning of entire sentences and conversations - and it’s constantly learning, improving, and adapting to new threats.


What about privacy? 


Bosco is designed to do everything possible to protect children’s privacy. That’s why our system deletes children’s messaging data right after it’s analyzed. Parents are only notified if Bosco detects a possible issue or threat.


Bosco's servers and databases are protected with SSL encryption. That means that all of our data is completely untouchable. Plus, we don’t collect any information that can connect personal data to a particular child.

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Bosco app Google Play Store. Keep kids safe on-line.
Bosco app Google Play Store. Keep kids safe on-line.