Protect Your Child From Cyberbullying On Whatsapp

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How does it work?


With Bosco, you’ll always know if your child sends or receives an inappropriate photo or message on Whatsapp. But that’s not all. Bosco will also let you know if your child is angry or stressed out, leaves a safe location, or is cyberbullied on social media - all in real time.

Bosco monitors your child’s mobile activity and notifies parents right when their children might need protection or supervision. It’s a solution that gives parents all the information you need to keep your children safe without compromising their privacy.

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Inappropriate Image Detection

Know if your child is is exposed to any inappropriate images



Keep up with your child’s mood during phone calls and get alerts if they are in a bad mood

Offensive Message Detection

Be notified if your child sends or receives offensive messages



Track your child’s location in real-time and get alerts whenever they leave safe locations


Bosco lets me go to work every morning without having to worry about the safety of my 3 children. It’s a must-have application for every member of my family.

Sheryl Williams, mother of 3

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